LV Refurbish Cabos AltoI’ve had my Louis Vuitton Cabas Alto tote for about 8/9 years now. This tote has served many purposes, a beach bag, an airplane carryall and computer monitor transporter. This tote even weathered a rain storm during a camping trip. I remember others were complaining, “my things are soaked”, when their tent flooded. However my LV Tote and LV carry-on bag kept my things nice and dry. Unfortunately, several months ago one of the straps broke. Lovingly, I threw it in the closet and forgot about it. In planning for two upcoming trips, I knew it was time to have the tote refurbished.

I dropped Cabas off at the LV Boutique Repair Department (aka The Spa) to have the straps replaced and the leather accents moisturized. I’ll be picking Cabas back up in 4 to 6 weeks.