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A few weeks back, NYC was a steamy crock pot. With a last-minute Friday Happy Hour invite, I was tortured with what to wear. Sitting in the back of a taxi, zipping down 2nd Avenue, I’m mentally scanning my closet for what to wear.

Once home and riding up in the elevator, I remembered I worked the hell out of the end of spring Zara sale. I purchased many pieces, two of which were a pair of high-waisted shorts and a cross-front draped tank. I’m a frequent shopper at Zara so rarely do I need to try clothing on. However this time, I missed the mark when it came to sizing. The shorts, not a problem. The tank, dipped too low and was too big all over.

With a fifteen minute window before I needed to start getting ready, I pulled out my sewing box, dress form and sewing machine.

Shorts: Zara | Tank: Zara | Belt: Hermes | Clutch: ALLSAINTS | Necklace: Lady Kismet | Watch: Michael Kors | Sunglasses: Burberry

Super low in the frontZara Blue 2Baggy on the sides and in the backZara blue 1Alterations on the straps and the sidesZara blue 3002033016019