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A few weeks ago I went through some of my fashion books for inspiration. One of my favorites, “Model as Muse”, by Peter Lindbergh got my creativity flowing. I remember going to the exhibit at, The Metropolitan Museum of Art to see Peter’s work. Before leaving, I stopped in the gift shop and purchased the hardcover book.

The photos that spoke to me then and now were part of the Chanel Biker collection. I loved the blend of femininity meets edgy. I just knew this shoot would be fun and easy. Well, not easy to get to as I had to climb the face of Breakneck Ridge. However, once at the top, click-click-click.


Leather cap and jacket, chiffon skirt, 90′s Moto Boot2

Breakneck Ridge Loop – oh yes, we have to climb that face3

Made it half way up. One picture at the flag and time to keep moving.4

Straight up, don’t look down…here we go. This climb was my personal best.5

Made it to the top, had lunch and now it’s time to play.009

French Connection, this sequin skirt was purchased in 2003 for a NYE party I hosted.010

Zara crop top with exposed back zip011Rag and Bone Moto Boot, 2011 Collection012013014

Shades off, goggles on016019018

German Half Helmet, high gloss finish (DOT approved)helmut1helmut2sparkle1

Then & Now. Proof that some items put in the back of the closet, can be brought back out years later and serve a purpose.then and now