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For most of the year, I love to exercise 3x’s a week. Nothing crazy, Power Dance (NYSC) on Monday, Ballet (Ballet Academy East) on Wednesday & Cardio Kickbox (NYSC) on Thursday. However come summertime, that all comes to a screeching halt. Why exercise when I can just step outside & start to sweat, YUK! Well, I checked my calendar a few weeks ago & the last time I exercised was, May 6th. Looks like I stopped a little early this year. For all intensive purposes, summer is over! Children around the Tri-State area returned to school Monday, Sept 9th….and this big kid returned to school also.

Before leaving home, I called out to the Dance Gods, “please tell instructor Francesca Maria G. not to kill me in Power Dance class today”. I promise to return next week if all goes well. Well, looks like I lived to tell about.

Nike Crop Top – Dri Fit / Forever21 Workout Legging001Tired of the same old black leggings? Have fun w/Puff Paint by Tulip006Please let me survive this class. I shall not walk out half way thru017 Time to head out021Cute tote, Nike Sneakers, Luna Bar, Polar Bear Bottle, Tunes, Sunnies, Personal Washcloth032