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NYC Fashion Week always gives us amazing looks on the runway, but this season, the runway gave me something special.

Friday, Sept. 6th I had the pleasure of being the plus one guest of my friend Caitlin at the E!News Red Carpet after party. While there, I was introduced to one of the producers (name not to be disclosed ~ NNTBD) who was so kind to me. His assistant was equally as kind, always making sure our wine glasses were filled. Who doesn’t like that kind of service? While in conversation, I mentioned how stunning her gown was. He explained to me how dresses are picked and/or designed for those working the red carpet. Fast forward to the end of the night….he asked his assistant to give me her dress. WHAT?! Yes, you read that correctly. I was so flattered but didn’t seriously think I’d get the dress. I was woken up Saturday afternoon by my doorman ringing up like a mad man. Once I answered, he informed me I had a visitor (NNTBD). Naturally I replied, “let her up please”. Two seconds later she was at my door, extended her arm to me and said, “hi, here’s your dress, enjoy it”. I barely got out, thank you so much and she was off.

I was super excited to get the dress but was faced with the challenge of taking it from a size 14 down to a size 4. I tackled it as best as possible. I went up to West Dover, VT this past weekend and had fun taking pics of my finished product. Front BackNot only did I have to take in the sides, I had to elevate my dress form & let out the 7inch hemextra003034033Me and alterations 046028AP1 With this gown, spinning is a must045AP2Having a little fun with my horse head maskAP3AP4050054Pics by One Shot Photos