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A few weeks back, while working on another project, I came up with the bright idea to do some self-promoting. Everyone walks around wearing t-shirts, baseball hats or even carrying a tote bag promoting something. Well if I want to attract more visitors to my site, I need to get the name out there.

Do I send an email to all my contacts asking them to share my link? No, most of my friends don’t have an interest in fashion. Do I make up business cards? And hand them out to who, strangers on the street? Then it came to me, if you can design your own St. Patty’s Day t-shirt, then you can put your name on whatever you like.

I finally sat down this past Sunday to work on my design. I was really excited about the completion of my DIY project. I thought it was kind of understated (who really looks at your calf) but really cute.

Last night I headed off to Power Dance class. As usual, a group of us were standing in line outside the classroom, waiting for the TBC class to end. I felt a soft tap on my right shoulder, I turn around and it’s a familiar face. I said, hi! The girl goes, “hi, we were looking at the name on your pant…is that an online store or is there a shop here in the city? I giggle & blah blah blah for the next 5min or so. About an hour after getting home from class, I received a ping on my phone. What, two new followers on my site?

Lauren & Liz, thanks for being my new followers. And Lizzy, thanks for taking a photo of me in class. I’ll see you girls next week!

Puff Paint: Tulip | Sports Bra: Forever21 | Legging: Forever21 | Tank: Gap Fit | Sneakers: Nike 062063064    Upon completion of the first leg, I measured the length of the name for accuracy on the second leg066All done, now let sit overnight to air dry067I learned, jumping rope before heading to my dance class…. not good on the knees046Love my Kettle BellsSGR Collougue ICover up and off to class I go…055

Photo by Lizzyimage