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My friend Amanda decided to combine her birthday & bon voyage gathering in to one fantastic party. I was out-of-town that day, but made it back to the city in time to say my goodbyes. Off the plane, hop in the car, zip home, quick shower, get dressed & back out the door.

Regardless of the season, I still crave feminine fabrics & rich colors. This particular evening, I decided to go with a silhouette I’m not normally drawn to. I say that, because how many times have I told friends, “don’t be afraid to try a different look”. However, I too can fall victim to being paralyzed with the same style. (I should really practice what I preach).

If I’m going to change it up, I’m going all the way. Sheer lace, sheer stockings, sky-high heels, a jolt of color & shiny accents.

Are you thinking… sheer stockings? The last person I remember wearing those was mother. Well you’d be right. I too remember my mom purchasing sheer black or flesh tone stockings to wear with her suits. News flash, the look is back. Best paired with evening attire such as, winter shorts, mini skirts or dresses. This look is a great transition from those opaque tights you wear to work everyday. Think about it, wherever you’re going for the evening, chances are, it’s going to have low lighting, so lighten up!

I’ve been inspired by, OSCARPRGIRL via instagram, Amanda Kerr & Alexa Chung. (All fans of the sheer stocking).

Dress: Alice and Olivia | Belt: Zara | Shoes: Gucci | Bag: Vince Camuto | Coat: Forever21