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Wednesday, February 5th was the third episode of the documentary. This week we get to see what happens when Anna Wintour, Diane von Furstenberg, Andrew Rosen & Jenna Lyons (of the esteemed panel of judges) visit the finalists studios. These icons bestow wisdom, invaluable advice and nurturing support to each designer.

I must to say, I could listen to Diane von Furstenberg give advice on fashion, life & love all day.

This week was the Uni Qlo challenge. The goal is to design sport inspired apparel that’s functional. They have 10 days and a 20k budget. Each designer must submit three sketches to Vogue. Anna will approve only one sketch, out of all the submissions. The chosen sketch will be developed and created.


It was great to get in the mind & soul of each individual. We got to see how they live, breathe, create & design.

The finalists have the honor of getting their very own one-on-one Vogue photo shoot with today’s international celebrities. How many budding designers receive this kind of opportunity? Pardon me for not having the actual stats…..but I’m going to say, not many at all.

TOME – Anna visited their studio. Unconventional colors and below the knee-length dresses & skirts (aka midi) were on display.

Tim Coppens – Anna visited his studio. Tim drew from his skate boarding past, coupled with Formula One inspiration to create his designs.

Public School – Andrew Rosen visited their studio. Decisions, decisions. Stress can  take you off track, packaging/marketing is everything & stand out in a crowd was the advice.

Marc Alary – Jenna Lyons visits his workspace. She loves his animal jewelry and how he has completely immersed himself in his truth.

Veronica Beard – The ladies enjoy mommie mornings and then discuss their day-to-night designs with the intent to make the dickie the man focus.

Parabellum – Intense back story. Beautifully crafted accessories. Skins picked right off the Native American Indian reservation. Effortless photo shoot with an eagle. “Beyond the Bag”.

Anna shipped each designer an early copy of Vogue magazine. Beautiful full-page layouts were throughout the magazine.

TOME vogue shoot Tim Coppens Duopublic-school vogue shoot-picsMarc Alary trioVeronica Beard DuoParabellum Duo