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I’m sure all of you trend trackers know, overalls are still hot this season. For those not so consumed by fashion or trends, you read that correctly. That not so flattering one piece you wore as a kid, its back. You’ve probably noticed one or two girls trotting around town in overalls. No, they’re not out of their minds.

Personally, I’m a fan. Sometimes I’m not in the mood to wear skinny jeans. Oddly enough, I like the physical freedom overalls give. (some of my girls feel differently). With this trend, you have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Meaning, stop worrying if your butt looks good… it won’t. But does it usually? You might look like you have a little gut. But is your stomach totally flat anyway? You might even look flat chested. Who cares, you probably wear a triple padded bra most days anyway. Embrace your inner telletubby and be happy.

I decided to style my look three different ways. Chic Dinner Party, Casual Sunday & Cowgirl in the City. However you decided to wear yours… have fun and make the look your own.

1- Overalls: Free People | Tank: Forever21 | Blazer: Club Monaco | Necklace: Zara | Shoes (red): Jimmy Choo
2- Tank: Forever21 | Shoes (gold): Diane von Furstenberg
 3- Tank: Forever21 | Jacket: Club Monaco | Shoes (brown): Gucci | Backpack: Louis Vuitton | Hat: Target

Photos by Caitlin



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