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As you may have noticed from the past, I’m not shy when it comes to self-promotion. Here’s a few items I decided to place my blog name on and/or monogram.

Canvas Tote: purchase here, Forever21

Totes M1

Totes M3

Totes M4

DSC_2240 I stumbled upon this tote in Lucky Magazine. I’m always keeping my eye open for a fun tote I can carry my dance or gym clothes in. Not only was this tote a great price, but it had one of my favorite sayings on it. This project took all of 12 minutes. Yes, I timed my work.

iPad Skin: customize here, SkinIt.com
iPad FrontiPad Back I recently purchased an iPad. Do I have a day-to-day need for it? No. However, I thought it would make my commute to my share in the Hamptons & Fire Island seem that much faster and enjoyable.

I have a leather pouch I can use to carry it in for protection. But still, I wanted to personalize the device itself in some way. After doing some research, skinning it was the way to go.

Skins are made of a durable vinyl material and sticks directly to your device. The great thing about skins, they’re completely customizable. Application was very easy, taking just a few minutes. For the front skin, I kept it simple, adding only the name of my blog. As for the back, I went with the photo that is on the front of my business cards. I’m very happy with the result, especially because I received two compliments while on the Fire Island Ferry.

Sunglass Remix: customize here, Ray-BanRayBan1RayBan Left EarRayBan Right Ear This was my most fun customization to date.

Why not add your name, company name or favorite sports team to your sunglasses. I couldn’t resist! Ray-Ban now allows you to customize every inch of your shades. Frame tone, lens color, ear tip monogram, as well as case monogram. End result, modestly fabulous! Get online and start designing yours now!