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Love them or hate them, they’re here in a big way.

I’ve been having a love affair with jumpsuits lately. You can catch me wearing one almost every weekend. I think of them as the lazy/slub outfit option. However styled properly, a jumpsuit is anything but. My love for them stems from, they’re everything I want my casual clothing to be, flattering, comfortable and on trend.

The jumpsuit may seem easy to wear on the surface but there are some hazards you may not be aware of…. (tips noted below).

Photos by Bekka Palmer
posing 1
Jumpsuit: Forever21 // Wedges: Diane von Furstenberg (old & redesigned) // Bag: Gucci // Suede Sash Belt: Jcrew (old) // Sunglasses: Customized Ray-Ban //  Watch: Michael Kors – similar

posing 2
Tip #1: Fit is everything. Don’t pour yourself in to a one-piece. It will be the worst fashion decision you ever make.

walking 1
Tip #2: Fit points, waistline, rear and chest. Overly baggy and sagging areas will kill the look. With this piece of garment, alterations could save the look.

standing 1

Wedge Done 1
I took these wedges from coral to metallic gold with a little bit of spray paint. Best decision ever.

walking 2
Tip #3: What you wear underneath is painstakingly important. I beg of you, please leave the granny panties and bikini briefs for your mother. Lines are magnified in a one-piece. I suggest you go for a clean line thong, preferably a t-back.

If you’ve got all of the fashion tips covered, perfect! Grab your bag, open that door and walk that walk.