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This weekend we decided to get outdoors, go hiking and do some rock scrambling. Some of the most visually pleasing views are in the Hudson Valley, New York area. One location being at the Mohank Mountain House . On the perimeter of this house/resort you have, The Labyrinth/Lemon Squeeze, The Crevice and Sky Top Tower. The Labyrinth is a highly difficult 45 minute rock scramble. During this 300 foot ascent, you will need to climb 3 sets of wooden ladders, 2 wooden foot bridges, over and under boulders and through various rock formations. Along the way you will encounter several difficult and sometimes painful formations such as, “Headache Rock”, “Fat Man’s Misery”, “The Lemon Squeeze” and “The Crevice”. (bumps and scrapes are worth it)

This is our first time doing the climb since July 2012. My mind and body forgot just how challenging it was. Never the less, I pushed through it and made it to the top. At the end, our reward was sweet. Food & drinks in the resort bar & lounge.

sitting & waiting
Boots: Salomon

It starts hereEntering the hiking portion of the climb.

I walk the lineWe encountered a very muddy trail, thank goodness for the elevated planks.

photo 7
No, that’s not a Louis Vuitton Camelbak. That’s my old LV Backpack and I put my Camelbak bladder in there & attached it to the left shoulder strap.

photo 92
One of the first rock formations we encountered.

457Coming upon the Mohonk Mtn. House means, the first leg of the day is over. Now time for lunch.

1511Gorgeous Koi pond.

12I wonder if I can take this off-roading….

Rock Formation1And the ascend begins

Rock Formation BridgeDouble LaddersDoes this seem scary to you? These aren’t even narrowest set of ladders on the ascend to the top.

Narrow  Climb
Here is the last triple set of ladders. This space was so narrow, I had to take my backpack off, put it on top of my head, climb slowly, then when the walls of the cave opened up, I was able to put it over my right shoulder.

Made it! Time to head back to the resort, but not before one final small climb.

The Gardens
Here’s a sneak peek in to the photo shoot I did at Mohonk Greenhouse and Florist Gardens.