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2014 Fall/Winter trend, the Buffalo Check (BC). Even if you don’t follow trends, you must have realized, no matter where you go, there’s that pattern again. Throws, thermoses, capes, chairs and obviously, clothing.

Whenever I see this pattern, I know it’s time to pull out my winter attire. It also gets me excited because I know we’ll be heading up to the ski house soon. Nothing better than a glass of red wine in your hand, feet up on the ottoman, gazing in to the fireplace and your tush planted on a traditional BC couch.

Are you asking yourself, why does she keep referring to it as BC? Well that’s what I know it to be. Some mistakenly refer to it as gingham, check or even vichy, but you’d be wrong and somewhat right. All of those patterns are part of the same family. The BC pattern is distinctive because the lines should be both equidistant and equal in size. Whatever the case, don’t you just love it?!

                                                Photos by Reggie Smith
Vest: Here | Classic Tee: Here | Custom Jeans: Here | Luxury Slippers: Here | Bag: Gucci (Limited Edition, sold at Saks 5th Ave only) | DY Bracelet & Ring: Here | Hermes Bracelet: Old, similar here | KJP Bracelet: Here | Customized Sunglasses: Here | Luxury Luggage: HereDSC_0317DSC_0316
This weekend I hopped on the Metro-North and took the train up to Tarrytown to visit a good friend. For such a short weekend, we packed in a lot of fun. Eating every meal out, sipping Presecco on the couch while enjoying girl talk, hitting the bars in Nyack and late night diner munchies. We went to bed around 3:30am and got a peaceful 7hrs of sleep. Once up and ready to take on absolutely nothing, we shuffled around the house for a bit. Eventually we made plans with friends to meet for brunch. Where to? The Runcible Spoon Bakery was an excellent choice. One of our friends is an avid cyclist and apparently this is a popular rest point for he and his friends.DSC_0299DSC_0313DSC_0315DSC_0318DSC_0320DSC_0321 The collar of this vest is lined with fleece, making it super soft against your skin.Screw You SlippersSadly enough, it’s time to head back to the city and get ready for a brand new week. Screw you Monday!!
DSC_0322 When I travel, I always use my LV carry-on. This duffle has been with me for a long time and stood the test of time. If you’re thinking about purchasing luxury luggage, but nervous about having it mishandled by airport attendants, fear no more. This bag is the largest legal over-head cabin bag. The only person who will handle it is you. DSC_0324