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As I’ve said many times over, I’m a girl who really lives in dresses & skirts. But just like everyone else, I wear leggings & skinny jeans on the weekend. They’re not my first choice, but sometimes where you are and/or what you’re doing calls for it.

There are times when I break away from the pack & break away from the core of who I am. The girlie girl gets put in the back of the closet and out comes a girl who refuses to be put in a box and labeled. I’m not just the girl who does ballet, carries around high-end bags & sips on prosecco. I can pull my hair back in a bun, put on my MX gear and ride hard with the boys. I’m not afraid to get dirty. I’m also not afraid to ride solo, but I’m not allowed as per (Mr. Protective). Riding with our Vermont neighbors isn’t that bad I suppose.

A few weeks ago we went up to our ski house to celebrate Oktoberfest at Mt. Snow, Vermont. I’m not a beer drinker but thank goodness that’s not all that was served. Before drinking the day away started, we took the lift up to the top of the mountain to take in the amazing views, listen to live music & have lunch at The Bullwheel. Then instead of taking the easy way down on the lift, we decided to hike down.

(Caution, lots of pictures)

DSC_0280 Up early and ready to ride.Muddy Trail2Quad n HelmetQuads on TrailThe boys were hard on the clutch and kicked up a lot of mud.Me on Quad 1Bad hair don’t care.Me n BoysPlane 1On the ride home we zipped past Deerfield Valley Airport. New hobby?Fox 1Fox Monogram JerseyPersonalized Jersey, how could resist.MX DryingIf you live in NYC, you know outdoor space is key. I’m happy to have private space, scrubbing & drying my gear was easy.Blue BirdWe weren’t just up there to ride the trails….it was Oktoberfest!Sperry Hiker BootLift 1IMG_3185Me and my shadowIMG_3186Me on The Mt.Top: Nike Base Layer | Vest: Vineyard Vines | Cords: Jcrew | Boots: Sperry Hiker Fish | Bag: Louis Vuitton (old)Boots n LeavesClimb HighCity folk, letting our hair down & goofing around.Beer SteinDSC_0272All this wood means one thing, winter is coming.DSC_0273DSC_0276Side of the house, back of the house, wherever it can fit.DSC_0283Left over wood makes for a great bon fire.