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The second day after touching down in Tokyo, we were invited out by my Japanese co-workers. (Thank you Ken & Megumi). Knowing that we were going to be in town, they insisted we join them for lunch. Who am I to deny their wishes. This was a perfect time to catch-up.

The Palace Hotel, Grand Kitchen is a wonderful place to dine. Not to mention a wonderful view of the water. After lunch we then moved to the Royal Bar for a few drinks. (Well, we are on holiday).

After lunch and cocktails, I said goodbye to our host, walked through Wadakura Fountain Park and then on to the Imperial Palace grounds. The day was long, damp and not without a rain shower. We returned to the hotel to get dry, relax and get ready for dinner. What a day.

Wadafura Foutain Park 1Wadakura Fountain Park (part of Kokyogaien National Gardens) was built in 1961 to commemorate the royal wedding of Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko of Japan. The park was then reconstructed in 1995. The new postmodern theme was “Continuity and New Development”. The reconstruction celebrated the wedding of the Crown Prince and Princess. Four canals connect the new fountain to the old fountain and symbolize the Royal Weddings of two generations. Wadakura Fountation Park 2Wadakura Ft Pk - Me Front 1 Wadakura Ft Pk - My Back 1Lunch at The Palace 2Lunch at The Palace 3Lunch at The Palace 1Lunch at The Palace 5Cocktails at Royal BarWadakura Ft Pk - Me Spg 1 Jacket: Club Monaco (old) | Scarf: Club Monaco Gold Foil | Tank: Jcrew (old) | Jeans: Earnest Sewn (old) | Tote: Here at Longchamp | Shoes: Here at Stubbs & WoottonWadakura Ft Pk - Me Spg 4Wadakura Ft Pk - Me Spg 6Imperial Palace Entrance 1 Imperial Palace – First Security Hall

Tokyo Imperial Palace is the main residence of the Emperor of Japan. It is a large
park-like area located in the Chiyoda area of Tokyo. The Palace is very close to Tokyo Station and contains several buildings including the main palace, the private residences of the imperial family, an archive, museum and administrative offices. Vast to say the least, (1.32 sq mi) and was built on the site of the old Edo castle.
Imperial Palace Entrance 2Imperial Palace Wall Scaling Look closely, a man is scaling the wall.
Imperial Palace Bridge 2Nijubashi Bridge (aka Stone Bridge) is the main entrance bridge that leads to the official imperial grounds.Imperial Palace - Me UmbrellaHere I stand before the Seimon Ishibashi Bridge, leading you over a moat. Made of mainly cast iron. Imperial Palace Bridge 1Imperial Palace - Me 1