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While in Tokyo, visiting one of the world’s largest and most famous diagonal crossings, (aka Pedestrian Scramble) was at the top of our list. This legendary scramble is just steps outside of Shibuya Station.

Shibuya Station is popular with tourist, such as myself. It’s also heavily used by commuters traveling between the center city and suburbs to the south and west. Transporting over three million passengers in just 2014.

On this particular day, we wanted to see Shibuya as a whole, but mainly the Harajuku district. As well, we wanted to venture to Asakusa to visit the Senso-ji Temple.

How does this all tie in to fashion you may be asking yourself. Well, because of the districts we were going to, I knew I could experiment, no no, I meant… have a little fun with my style. Basically go against what comes natural to me and wear all black and wear over-the-knee socks. I know, I’m super adventurous.

Sunglasses: Street Vendor | Dress: Diane von Furstenberg (old) | Belt: Moschino (old) | OTKS: Hue | Boots: Payless (old) | Bag: Gucci (old) | Watch: Raymond Weil | Bracelet: David Yurman | Bracelet: Hermes | Ring: David Yurman

Pedestrain Scramble - Sean 1PS Me - Weird Looks 1There are so many points of interest in this photo. 1– The girl with the yellow/orange hair looking at me & pondering…. 2– Guy on the right side of the screen that looks like a cross between Johnny Depp & Pharrell Williams (long hair and a funky hat). 3– Is the guy all the way to the right auditioning for a Japanese Hip Hop video? Hmmm. Why am I questioning it, all 4 of us look pretty funny.

PS Me 3PS Me 5Harajuku Girl                                               Cute little Harajuku girl.

Harajuku Modeling On LookersWhat’s everyone looking at? Aaaah, now I see. There’s a photo shoot going on.

Harajuku Modeling 1Harajuku Modeling 2Senso-Ji Temple - Asakusa                                              Senso-ji Temple Entrance

Senso-Ji Temple MarketSenso-Ji Temple - Spiritual Washing PoolSenso-Ji Temple - Me 2Senso-Ji Temple - Gucci BagSenso-Ji Temple Door