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Last Thursday morning we hit the road and headed to our ski house in Vermont. In preparing for the trip and deciding what to pack, I checked the weather continuously. We were looking at temps being 18 degrees at the highest during the day and 2 degrees being the lowest at night.

I’m sure you will agree, layers is the way to go. I packed several chunky sweaters, climate-combat base layers and hats.

I layered a flannel shirt under a wool/mohair chunky sweater. I accompanied the look with Adirondack boots and the warmest hat known to mankind. I love everything about this Alpine turtleneck. The heavy knit, rich blue color and geometric pattern. Not to overshadow the sweater, I complimented the look with a fur hat that was purchased years ago in Russia at a market in Red Square.

Photos by Deana Esimati
1 Strut TestCoyote Fur Hat: (old) | Sweater: Here at J.Crew | Abercrombie & Fitch Flannel: (old) | Leggings: Here at Marmot | Ugg Boots: Here at Amazon | Customized Sunglasses: Here at Ray-Ban2 Strut Test3 House4 On Steps Test5 Hat Test6 Straight Test7 Door TestBootsIn the words of the late, great Joan Rivers, “Bitch Stole My Look”. Wait, I think I was the one who stole Elle MacPherson’s Look. 8 Elle