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A few weekends ago, we got up early to go and do some shopping. Naturally we needed to fuel up first. For me that means bacon and egg on a plain bagel, butter, salt and pepper. (Yes, I’m a full fat kind of girl). However we went against the grain and went to a coffee shop. Chai Latte, chocolate croissant, bowl of mixed berries and off we went.

As you may have read/heard, mother nature is upset with New York City. She’s been really hammering us this winter. I try not to let that stop me from looking somewhat stylish when I walk out the door.

How do I manage that without looking like The Michelin Man? Base layer tops. I live by Nike Pro Hyperwarm. I have so many of them it’s ridiculous. I mean, why should I limit myself to wearing them only when we’re up at our ski house. Granted, they’re a must have when snowboarding, but they can be used in everyday life as well. Give them a try.

                                    Photos by Bekka Palmer
Coat: Banana Republic (old) l Base Layer: Nike HyperwarmSweater: JCrew Cashmere l Scarf: Club Monaco (old) l Jeans: Jcrew (old  & self-distressed) l Booties: Gucci (old) l Tote: Louis Vuitton Cabos Alto (no longer in production) l Sunglasses: Burberry (old) 23Swtr4Poket Additional distressing to the jeans was with 3M Wet or Dry 1000 Grit Sandpaper5Strut6LkAway7ScarfThis scarf, Club Monaco’s collection from 4yrs ago yet it’s still a winter staple for me. 8ToteI had to have the straps on this tote replaced almost 2yrs ago. They still aren’t as dark as the other leather pieces but they’re getting there. I love this bag so much. Reason being is, you hardly ever see another girl with it. Everyone is walking around with the same darn Neverfull tote. (At least here in NYC). I often wonder if some of the girls that purchased the piece when it first came out feel the same way.