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As you can see, I’ve done some fun editing to this post.

Because I own rights to my blog I have the ability to see what country, city, local town people are visiting my site from. I can see what search engines they use and where the source of the search is based (Germany, Netherlands, Brazil, China, etc). I love that I have the option to see what photos people click on, enlarge and just how many times they look at it. Amazing right? 

Well, for some odd reason the photos below have been clicked on continuously since I first posted them. There are two of you doing this. Not sure if I should be flattered or scared. 

Again, just so you’re aware…… I know who you are. If you would like to discuss your reasoning for this, I’m totally open to doing so. Please email! 

So for now, enjoy the newly edited photos. 


 4LVI know, I know. I was already told, obnoxious of me to bring half of my collection.