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I decided to get a head start and packed this weekend for the upcoming holiday weekend. Hitting the road bright & early Friday morning. Three full days of shenanigans and then a nice long ride home, late Sunday evening.

I’m determined to travel with only two bags. So far I’m on the right track. I still have a few more things to toss in the bag. (This is where I get myself in to trouble).

A little fashion sneak peek and another DIY moment for you.

Towel: Vera Bradley – now on sale | Flip Flops: Vera Bradley – now on sale | Tank: Pookie & Sebastian (no e-commerce) | Sequin Pant: J.Crew | Infinity Scarf: J.Crew – now on sale | Cardigan: J.Crew | T-Shirts: Target  | Maxi DressJ.Crew Factory – now on sale
  No, you’re not seeing double. For today, my dress form is my twin. Why did I purchase two of the same dresses? Because I needed about four additional inches added to the hem. At the time of purchase, the dress was on sale for $44.00 and at such a low price point, it wasn’t a big deal to get two of them.

I was excited for the dress to arrive but disappointed once I opened the package. The dress was not only too short, (I like for my maxi dress to touch the sweep the floor before I belt it) but too big as well. Though I ordered a small, it was too big in the waistline. And if you follow my blog, then you know this was a pretty simple fix for me.                         Stay tuned for the finished product, (next week)!