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Let me begin by saying, if this dress looks familiar, you’re not going crazy. I purchased two of the same dress and had fun with a DIY design project. To see the original dresses, click here on Twinning Over The Wknd .

So, last weekend I spent more time on the water. I’ve been really lack this summer in putting time in on the water. I’m working on getting my sailing certification so I better step it up. The more time I get to clock-in on the water, the faster I will get to achieving my joal.

Much like last summer, I go up to Stonington, CT and shove off from there. The water is less crowded and extremely sailboat friendly.

Chartering my own private sailboat is a luxury (in my opinion) and I always do so with Sailmaster Stuart Reininger. If you’re in to sailing or motoring, you know he’s a legend on the water. He’s written for multiple industry magazines, has several books under his belt and of most recent date, a memoir. I appreciate his vast knowledge and without a doubt….his wit!

Here’s just a taste as to what my three day weekend was like.

Photos by Lenny Lagdamen & Michelle Sabale                                              Morgan Point Lighthouse I bet my sailmaster is stronger than your sailmaster.Naturally I had to get one with me standing up and posing. A great day on the water deserves a toast with a bottle Veuve. I needed a refresher on a few Knots so I brought my book along for the car ride up. And who doesn’t love a Vineyard Vines Whale koozie?My knots are getting better if I say so myself. I can now kick back and enjoy the breeze.I had to use every ouch of strength I had to pull & lock us in.
Playing around in the West Mystic Shipyard. Check out the brand new Canoe/Kayak Storage Racks.Love my sailmaster Stuart Reininger.