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In theory I loved the look, so what went wrong? Hmm, where to begin…

I’ll start on a positive note and say, I fell in love with the color citron this summer. However I only purchased two articles of clothing in the color. I’m not sure why that was. I also seemed to be head-over-heels with full circle skirts. Solid colors, three dimensional patterns, laser cutouts, if there was a circle skirt out there, it was coming home with me.

Fashion crisis? Oh yes, there most certainly was. My goodness, just about everything with this look is wrong, wrong, wrong.

I was overconfident in my shopping skills and in knowing the sizing of one of my favorite retailers. As you can tell, both the top & skirt are ill-fitted. The top had more of a relaxed fit and so I should have gone down a size. With the skirt I had the same issue.

Both pieces were sitting in my closet for a bit and I hadn’t tried them on until the day of the shoot. Oops! Once I slipped the pieces on, I knew I had a big problem. What was my quick solution? A binder clip, much like you see on mannequins in the stores when they’ve run out of sewing pins. Unfortunately Brianne, (friend, co-worker, photographer) had a bit of a challenge trying to cinch and clip the skirt at the onset waist-band. It may not appear so but the skirt is made from very thick material. She tried her best but because the binder clip was new, it was very resistant. She was only able to pull the waist in a little bit.

So I had no choice, the shoot must go on. Lesson learned, give yourself enough time to do alterations before the big day. How embarrassing, with my dress form & sewing machine, I have no excuse.

(Side-bar: this is the last batch of pics from the summer, I promise.)

Photos by Brianne McGuire Tank: Pookie & Sebastian | Skirt: Zara | Heels: Nine West | Bag: Gucci | Watch: Raymond Weil | Bracelets: David Yurman & Hermes | Sunglasses: Burberry