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Has the temperature officially dropped here in Manhattan (NYC), I’d say no. We’re still having plenty of days that are 55 degrees and sunny. Matter of fact, it’s supposed to be 61 degrees this coming weekend. Hello mother nature…. it’s December.

Well, if you follow me on Instagram then you saw that I was up at our ski house in Vermont. It actually snowed a little bit, but only for about 30 minutes. They were fat/fluffy flakes. During the day it was a sunny 45, but once the sun set it dropped to the low 30’s. It’s never a problem for us. Throw a few logs in the fireplace, pour a glass of red wine, curl up on the couch and we’re set.

What do I wear during the fall/winter in-between season? Quilted jackets, quilted vest, cozy sweaters and hyper-warm base layers. Hyper-warm base layers are a must in Vermont. Here back in the city, I won’t need those pieces for another month or so.

As for this look, it works for me here in the city but this was probably the last weekend up there that I could get away with a cardigan & vest.

VestHere at JCrew | Cardigan: Vineyard Vines | Jeans: Earnest Sewn | Shoes: Here at Stubbs & Wootton | Sunglasses: Here at Knockaround Bag: Louis Vuitton | Base Layer: Nike Hyperwarm Half-zip