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The rebirth of Burberry. Do you have pieces that you put in to retirement? I most certainly do and this scarf is the perfect example of that.

If you’re a Burberry fan and have been so for some time, you recognize this scarf. It must be 6-8yrs old by now. When the plaid Burberry scarf first became popular (mainstream popular), I received the classic camel color as one of my birthday gifts from mom. I lived in that scarf. About 10 months later I purchased myself the same scarf but in soft pink.

By the next winter season, this trend had exploded so much I couldn’t look at the scarf anymore. Did I think about tossing both pieces? Most certainly. Did I actually do it? No way. I simply folded them up and put them on the bottom of the scarf pile. They had a nice long rest but have come back out to play now.

Photos by Brianne McGuire 

Dress: Diane Von Furstenberg | Tights: Wolford | Booties: Sigerson Morrison | Belt: Hermes | Scarf: Burberry | Coat: Club Monaco (Now on sale) | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban | Bracelets: David Yurman & Hermes | Watch: Raymond Weil | Gloves: DIY – Club Monaco

After spotting a pair of Gucci leather studded gloves at Saks Fifth Avenue one evening, I had the DIY itch.

It’s rare that I wear a helmet when biking around the city, but if I do, I do it in a monogrammed helmet.