My name is Shoshana and I created StyleGoneRogue.com, September 2013 as a platform to release my creative energy, my enthusiasm for Style, the Arts, Interior Decorating, Beauty, Fitness & Travel… all things that bring me joy.

I love to express my mood in different ways but mainly through my attire. My feeling is, exude your style confidence and intelligence by knowing your body, budget and lifestyle. That said, on all accounts, I’m a tall girl. As most tall girls knows, shopping can sometimes take a little extra work but living in NYC makes it easier. Plus, I’m always up for a challenge.

I hope to appeal, to all those just like I, who have an appreciation for American simplicity, with a dose of edginess.

About Me

Personal – (only child) 5feet 10inches | 146-150lbs | Clothing size 4 – 6 | Shoe size 8 ½-9
Grew Up – Long Island (North Shore)
Current Residence – Manhattan, NY (Gramercy area)
Business – Finance (Midtown East)
Best Friend – Kerri Ann (fellow L.I. girl, true meaning of BFF)
Top 3 Bands – The Smiths/Morrissey, Incubus, Fall Out Boy
Worst Habit – Picking at Cuticles
Pet Peeves – Chewing with your mouth open, Whistling, Lack of table manners
Favorite Item In My Apt – Charles and Ray Eames Lounge Chair
Deserted on an Island, I only need – Concealer & Hot Tamales Candy
Go-to Style – A Dress (long, short, sheath, a-line or full bottom, bodycon… but NEVER a tunic)

Thank you for allowing me to share with you.

15 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi there 🙂

    I’m looking for bloggers who’d be interested in participating in a weekly ‘Outfit of the Day’ theme called Dress Up Friday. The idea is to twist the convention of dressing down/going very casual on a Friday and instead having fun dressing up. I’d like to start doing Dress Up Friday posts regularly and would love to include links and pics from other bloggers doing their own posts using the same theme, I think it would be both fun and a great way to network/promote blogs.

    My first Dress Up Friday post was here http://fashionthatpays.wordpress.com/2013/11/16/dress-down-casual-friday-why-not-do-the-opposite/

    Please let me know if you’re interested 🙂

    All the best

    Dolly (dapperdolly)

  2. I’m a tall girl too, but much older than you and it’s quite possible I’ve shrunken over the last year or so – maybe now I’m 5’9″ –
    Dressing for mood is wise – like those mood rings with all their color changes.
    I like your blog – it’s very hip and makes me feel hip just perusing it 🙂

  3. Anntogether! I’m sorry for responding so darn late. I’m not sure how I missed your note.

    Thank you so much for your flattering message.

    A fellow tall girl, I love it! So you think you’re shrinking? Maybe my turn will come soon. One can only hope. 5’9 is a really nice height. Still above average but not so tall where it’s super challenging to find jeans/skirts long enough.

    I just viewed your blog. Very Nice! I like how you’re not afraid to showcase your family. I get the feeling you’re all very close. Not to mention, your home seems so warm & inviting. Keep up the good work. I’ll be checking your blog repeatedly.

    Come back & visit my blog soon. I post weekly, Monday mornings.

  4. As you know I love your blog! So much so, that I nominated you for the Liebster award! Check out my post to find out all the particulars!

  5. Hi Shosana,
    I saw you on my blog yesterday and your kind comment made me want to know you more….nosy me. Nice of you to stop by. I am excited about your blog, if is fun/original/creative and I like it. Now following so I don’t miss a thing. Hopefully you keep in touch too.
    BTW I am 5 ft 11 too and addicted to heels

    • Oh yes! Another 5’11 girl, got to love it. You’re not being nosey if I have a blog and I put my personal information out there so no worries. Thank you so for you positive words and energy. That’s so needed out there these days.

  6. I randomly stumbled on your website and I have to say I love your style! 🙂

  7. Hi, i’m struggling to find a contact page on your site and wanted to know whether you would be interested in a collaboration with us. typically this takes the form of a style review along the lines of those posted here:


    Thank you

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