Red Riding Hood


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Happy New Year! I hope everyone brought in the new year just as they wanted. Stylish & toasting with champagne. Snuggled in a blanket on the couch sipping on peppermint hot coco or perhaps mountainside at your ski house. All great options if you ask me.

So it’s 2016 but I still have some looks from 2015 that I haven’t yet posted. Yes, I’m behind but catching up. Never a bad thing to have ensembles in reserve.

This look is something I wore while up at our ski house in Vermont. Its kind of an odd look. I wore leggings that have a higher waistline, a crop top and OTK boots. Yes, I know…..tacky, cheesy and a fashion NO NO!

Fellow NYC Blogger, Allie NYC  spoke about this very fashion atrocity a few weeks back and I actually commented. I had to be honest and throw myself under the bus. My only excuse for this look is, I was in Vermont where fashion & style never roles off anyone lips. I was going to an outdoor fair wherein my coat was staying on and zippered up… nothing would be exposed to the public. (I hope that’s a good excuse).

*Stuart Weitzman Lowland Boot Tip ~ if you purchase the boot from a regular retailer, they only come in one width. If you need a narrow fit or extended fit, purchase directly from Stuart Weiztman. I made the mistake of getting the medium from Bergdorf and you can see how baggy they are. I took them to the Leather Spa here in Manhattan to have them fitted properly.
 Coat: Here at JCrew (in Tall) | Top: Zara (old) | Leggings: Here at Wolford (now on sale) | Boots: Stuart Weitzman here at Bergdorf Goodman | Gloves: Club Monaco (old) | Bag: Here at Louis Vuitton | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban
 If you clicked on the JCrew link I provided and noticed my coat looks different, that’s because I yanked the faux fur trim off the hood before I even walked to the counter. If you follow my blog, you know I hate faux fur. The jacket is still really cute without it.

Buffalo Short


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Unlike most of my post wherein I’m rambling on about my ensemble and/or whatever activity I’m up to…..this post is straight to the point.

I joined a friend for what turned in to a sunrise, sunset brunch. Have you ever been out with friends and completely, utterly lose track of time? Like 10 hours in the day? Well that actually happened. Now that I think about it, it wasn’t the first time.

What’s my casual brunch look? This right here. Jean shorts I’ve had for too many years to count, a basic tee and a boyfriend blazer, (one of my best purchases of all time). These are pieces I live in, brunch or no brunch.

Photos by Brianne McGuire
 Blanket Scarf: Zara | Blazer: Club Monaco | Tee: Banana Republic | Shorts: JCrew | Tights: Wolford | Heels: Gucci | Tote: Louis Vuitton | Bracelets: David Yurman & Hermes | Ring: David Yurman | Sunglasses: Street Vendor
If you’re wondering why my bag looks a little odd, it’s because the long straps were replaced back 2013 which I posted about last October. Believe it or not, it’s taken that long for them to darken (patina). Have no fear, I would never purchase a fake and I don’t believe it purchasing pre-owned pieces either. At least not when it comes to designers such as LV & Gucci. Not saying others shouldn’t, its just a thing with me and my bags. I want the fun of going to the boutique to pick it out, wearing it in myself and also to know that if it did need to have work done to it, it was done at the hands of an LV specialist, not some leather master. (Though there are some amazing leather masters out there. Especially here in NYC).

Wait, I guess I ended up rambling again even though I said I wouldn’t. Oops, sorry ladies. LV Refurbish Cabos Alto I also love this tote because you don’t see girls walking around with it. Fortunately it’s out of production. I mentioned it before, (and I usually repeat myself more than I should), I hate the LV Neverfull tote. Even homeless people are carrying it. Its like Groupon sent out one of their blast and so everyone purchased it. It’s really odd. But good for the design team for coming up with it.

At The Stables


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211 miles from New York City is beautiful Vermont. Also what I like to refer to as our second home. 

When you think of Vermont, you most likely think snow. Before its ski season in Vermont, there’s other activities you can enjoy as well. One of them, horseback riding. 

As a child I took lessons but by the time I reached 14yrs old, I had to decide between classical ballet or horses. My heart was and always be at the ballet bar. But it’s always nice to exercise some of your past loves.

Photos by Tracy Tanzer 

Scarf: Zara | Tops: 2 Layers Nike Hyperwarm Base Layer | Leggings: Wolford | Boots: Tory Burch | Gloves: Club Monaco | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban 

 The day was partly cloudy, partly sunny but an overall great day.